[OWASP-ESAPI] ESAPI JavaScript encoding and spaces?

Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
Wed Apr 1 21:33:56 EDT 2009

> Anybody interested in dancing with the devil? (encodeForJavascriptQuotedString)

I will have the first version of this done and checked in by weeks end. It's easy - I'll steal your current js encoder and slightly modify.

I think that if all we had in ESAPI was the encoding library, that alone would be enough to stop the vast majority of real world problems. The rest is gravy. =) 

- Jim
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  Here's why.


      Javascript event handlers can be terminated with a space.  Like onmouseover=[user input here]


  I wrote these escaping routines before I wrote http://www.owasp.org/index.php/XSS_(Cross_Site_Scripting)_Prevention_Cheat_Sheet (which a senior architect at a financial firm recently called "the best actionable write up on XSS prevention that I've ever read.  This paper, in combination with ESAPI filters, gives people a real path to follow, rather than just vague mumbling about how hard it is.").


  Anyway, we need to update the ESAPI escaping routines to match.  I think a method called "encodeForJavascriptQuotedString" would make sense.


  Anybody interested in dancing with the devil?




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  Why are you encoding spaces in the JavaScript encoding routine?


  It does not seem necessary in any modern browser, as long as your data is properly quoted during assignment.


  I would love a configurable version that lets me turn off space encoding for javascript encoding.  But that is just my tactical need - what is the right way overall?


  - Jim

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