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Thu Sep 18 17:44:05 EDT 2008

Hey everyone,

For the past few weeks, I've been trying to make ESAPI a little easier to
use.  I've updated a lot of the Javadocs, especially the interfaces, to
remove any inaccuracies involving parameters, return values, and exceptions.
  For developers who choose not to use the available reference
implementations in ESAPI, we will be adding more detailed information on
each of the methods contained in the interfaces, so those who choose to
write their own implementations will have a solid understanding of what is
required in each method to make it as secure as possible.  The most
up-to-date Javadocs are available here:

New build files were added to the SVN source as well as the source zips
available for download on our Google Code page (
http://code.google.com/p/owasp-esapi-java/downloads/list).  One build file
will create a JAR file with everything necessary to use the ESAPI, including
all reference implementations.  The second build file will create a JAR that
does not contain any reference implementations.  It is designed for those
who wish to create their own implementations using only the ESAPI

The ESAPI Wiki has also undergone some changes.  It now contains more
information regarding the ESAPI project, including links to download ESAPI,
in both JAR and source zip form, links to the new ESAPI Javadocs, and
explanations of how to build and use the ESAPI, as well as how to set up a
development environment around ESAPI.  The ESAPI Wiki is located here:

Lastly, efforts are underway to create an ESAPI demo app.  The demo is
called the ESAPI Swingset and will demonstrate what ESAPI does and why it is
so valuable.  An early beta version of Swingset is available here:

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, please let me know.


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