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December 2018 Connector

*December 2018*

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*Letter from the Chairman*

Dear OWASP Community,

Welcome to the last Connector of 2018, a year not be remembered for its
smooth start.  In retrospective is has been an eventful and successful year
with many highlights, achievements and not to mention CHANGES.

We started off the year with 4 new board members; Chenxi Wong, Greg
Anderson, Sherif Mansour, and Owen Pendlebury.  The OWASP Foundation
welcomed a newly hired Executive Director.  We said good bye and good luck
to Laura Grau and Tiffany Long; left OWASP for a new opportunity.  We
welcomed back Matt Tesauro and a new staff member Lisa Jones to the team.
Let us not forget the dedicated staff of Kelly Santalucia, Dawn Aitken, and
Harold Blankenship.

At the end of the year, our Executive Director, Karen Staley resigned to
return to the entertainment industry from where she originated. We thank
Karen for her work and effort, in assisting the OWASP Foundation to
continue on the path to becoming a more mature organization.

This year's elections, and close of 2018 we have to say, goodbye and thank
you to Matt Konda and Andrew van der Stock; two highly contributing and
long-time members of the Board and say welcome to Richard Greenberg and
Gary Robinson in 2019.

Even with all the changes, we can look back on a prosperous 2018 including
two successful global AppSec conferences in London and San Jose, and
various local and regional events.

The chapter review is almost done, revealing we currently have 221 active
chapters globally. The OWASP Top 10 2017 has been released early this year,
new projects have started and several projects achieved flagship status.

We continued to gain the trust of our current and new global sponsors as
well as our growing community of 2,400+ individual and close to 60
corporate members worldwide.    OWASP has again proven to be an active and
healthy open source organization with a loyal and devoted community.

In closing, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays.  Let's make
2019 a triumphant, lucrative and eventful year!  We will kick it off with
OWASP’s first Global AppSec conference to be held in Tel Aviv, May 26 to
30, 2019.
Your Chairman,

Martin Knobloch
OWASP Global Board of Directors


*May 26-30, 2019 AppSec Israel 2019*
Inter Continental David Tel Aviv

*New Release: OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set Version 3.1.*

Christian Folini and the OWASP Core Rule Set team is happy to announce the
CRS release v3.1.0 at last.

For a complete list of new features and the changes in this release, see
the CHANGES document:

*New Projects*
OWASP Docker Top 10
led by Dirk Wetter, has been added as an Incubator Documentation Project

You may also be interested in one of our other affiliated events:

Event Date Location
AppSec California 2019
22- 25, 2019 Santa Monica, CA
OWASP New Zealand Day
21-22, 2019 Auckland, New Zealand
Snow FROC 2019
14, 2019 Cable Center Denver, CO

Event Date Location
(ISC)² EMEA Secure Webinars
26, 2018 - Weekly Virtual
QuBit Conference Belgrade
7, 2019 Belgrade, Serbia
Day of Shecurity 2019
22, 2019 Boston, MA
Cyber Security and Cloud Expo Global
25-26, 2019 London
IoT Tech Expo Global
25-26, 2019 London
Hack in Paris 2019
16-20, 2019 Paris
Cyber Security and Cloud Expo Europe
19-20, 2019 Amsterdam
IoT Tech Expo Europe
19-20, 2019 Amsterdam
AppSec USA 2018 San Jose conference recordings* NOW* available for
YouTube Playlist for AppSecUSA 2018.
*Updates for 2019:  New video conferencing system for the OWASP Foundation.*

The OWASP Foundation is migrating to *Zoom *for video conferencing in
2019.  If you are currently a user of the Foundation's GoToMeeting and/or
GoToWebinar accounts, please fill out this form so we can make sure the
migration is smooth for you: https://goo.gl/forms/DLLsX1qn7iJHFN052

Look for future notifications on how new users can start to use this
service once we've migrated existing users.  We hope to have all users
migrated prior to the end of February when our agreement with GoToMeeting
will end.

Another Foundation migration is the retirement of Mailman and the
introduction of Discourse.  Discourse is  an open source Internet forum
community management software application.
*Elite Corporate Members*

*We would like to welcome OWASP's first Elite Corporate Member, Allstate.*

*Contributor Corporate Members*
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