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Dear Project & Chapter Leaders:

We are reaching out to Project and Chapter leaders to invite your
participation the 2015 OWASP Summer Code Sprint.

The OWASP Summer Code Sprint is a program that provides opportunities and
incentives for students to gain experience with Application Security coding
as 'interns' contributing to OWASP projects. The Summer Sprint is a very
short term initiative. Students will gain valuable experience over the
July-August timeframe and all students who successfully complete the
program will receive a total of $1500.
Please visit our OWASP Summer Code Sprint 2015 page for details:
(attachment is also provided)


This is an ideal opportunity for Project leaders to mentor students in the
development of your project. Chapter leaders also benefit by developing
relationships with local student groups and universities.

Don't delay, the deadline for proposals is July 3!

We are looking forward to our newest class of Summer Code Sprinters.

Fabio Cerullo
Email: fcerullo at owasp.net

Project Coordinator:
Email: claudia.aviles-casanovas at owasp.org

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