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To add to what Nadim just said...the way OWASP do their projects is as follows:

-If its an OWASP sponsored/global Project: The local chapter gathers the skill sets of the volunteers and send them to the OWASP project committee and they would come back and advise him/her to choose from 2-3 projects that match his/her skills. Once you become a member of a global project you get to report to and coordinate with the project manager. and communicate via a dedicated mailing list and/or regular phone conferences with your peers.

- if its a local Chapter sponsored/Initiated project: The chapter members agree on a project idea, sends it to OWASP for approval " to guarantee that its unique and fits the OWASP roadmap". once approved , its pretty much very close to what Nadim kindly stated.

Of course OWASP sponsored projects are more popular...and local chapters tend to meet so everyone updates the others with his experience from working on his project, share new ideas. new skills , raise awareness and brainstorm.

An example of a recent and "very successful"  Local chapter project was: The Spanish chapter project to translate the OWASP guide into Spanish and circulate among universities, " notice how the project fits the chapter interests" .

So its a matter of,, do we want to work as ONE on a local project, or as individuals each assigned to an international project. or Both " if you are unemployed and divorced : )  " 


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Hi all,
   I think it might be best if we first collect the possible projects (I think Omar is already doing this), meet, agree upon what direction we want the chapter to go in, choose the relavent projects, allocate the right resources to each project depending upon each individual's skills and move on from there as a group...I know that such an undertaking is by no means easy and would require a lot of coordination, but it would give us some sort of sustainable structure such that the ferver and interest that we see brewing won't just hit a peak and then die out over night.

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