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Hamdy Abdel-Badeea hamdy.a.farag at gmail.com
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Thanks Nadim, I will start with them
I actually know java as well.
I live near Mansoura , so either Alex or Cairo should be the same for me

On Tue, Jul 6, 2010 at 7:45 PM, Nadim Barsoum <barsoum at gmail.com> wrote:

> Unfortunately visiting Alexandria this Summer is not on my itenerary. Where
> are most people here located? I'm living and working in Cairo.
> About that project Hamdy, I suggest you start first with the resources that
> Mostafa provided, those will give you the bare minimum you should know
> before attempting to do anything elaborate. I can't really think of a
> project off the top of my head but I've found that trying to replicate the
> vulnerabilities indicated by the OWASP top 10 on different
> languages/platforms to be a healthy exercise.
> Since you develop in python you might for instance create a vulnerable
> application that demonstrates the horros of bad security practices in
> python, I know of Webgoat for Java developers and DVWA for PHP developers,
> I'm not really sure if there is anything for python. Maybe you could be the
> one to start that effort off..
> I've had a chance to see a demo of the O2 platform and it does look pretty
> useful. I especially like the code analysis tools and the penetration
> testing scripting capabilities.
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