[Owasp-egypt] OWASP Top 10 2010 and 5 new Podcasts

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Sat Apr 24 05:13:11 EDT 2010


We just released 5 OWASP Podcasts today in celebration of the release of the 2010 edition of the OWASP Top Ten! (OWASP_Top_10_-_2010.pdf (Google Docs)<https://docs.google.com/uc?export=download&id=0B3B7xlV22G8TNGUyOTFjMjAtZDJjMi00MjM4LTlmNGUtMzFiODdjMTA2OTZm>)  .  Big kudos to Dave Wichers and team for all of their hard working in making this release a success.

The Top Ten podcasts include:

Show 67: Jeff Williams on XSS Defense http://www.owasp.org/download/jmanico/owasp_podcast_67.mp3
Show 68: Kevin Keenan on Cryptographic Storage http://www.owasp.org/download/jmanico/owasp_podcast_68.mp3
Show 69: Eric Sheridan on CSRF Defense http://www.owasp.org/download/jmanico/owasp_podcast_69.mp3
Show 70: Michael Coates on TLS Configuration http://www.owasp.org/download/jmanico/owasp_podcast_70.mp3
Show 71: Robert Hansen on Insecure Redirects http://www.owasp.org/download/jmanico/owasp_podcast_71.mp3

PS:  You can subscribe to our RSS feed here: http://www.owasp.org/download/jmanico/podcast.xml
..or do the same via iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=300769012
..or see our show list on the web http://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Podcast#tab=Latest_Shows

PPS: Please redistribute this email

Thanks for listening!

Jim Manico
OWASP Podcast Host/Producer
OWASP ESAPI Project Manager

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