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Andrew van der Stock vanderaj at owasp.org
Wed Oct 8 06:17:32 UTC 2014

HI there,

This can be a low volume list, and so it might take a while before one of
the leaders pops by. Hopefully, this will spur them on!

One of the things that I personally believe needs to occur:

   - Engage with universities on a global basis to understand their needs.
   I'm sure some universitiies and colleges are producing trade school
   "ethical hackers", but we need secure software engineers and computer
   security scientists as well. We need to take them all on a journey.
   - Turning the abandonware training we have been donated (such as my two
   day 2009 donation) into a full semester 100/200/300 app sec course, with
   exercises and group assignments
   - Working on turning the Developer Guide (I do need help) into a
   university level text book, again with sufficient rigour to be a good
   choice for universities world wide given a bit of translation here and
   there (yes, I am biased!)
   - Curating the courses and presentations given over the last five - ten
   years so folks can find good quality decks and videos
   - Working on a Chapter Leader Corner, so chapter leaders who struggle to
   find local speakers can adopt and present a deck, watch videos or show them
   to their chapter

Longer term, we need to work on a full undergraduate syllabus, and work
with educators to create sample exam questions so that local lecturers can
adopt and modify our exams for their purposes. Be warned, I'm not for tick
the box exams, so we need to work out a way to develop and provide the
answers in a confidential method to educators and not the students. I think
we have enough donor material, the problem is that the templates are all
over the place, the pedagogical outcomes range from awareness to deep, deep
technical detail.


On Wed, Oct 8, 2014 at 7:39 AM, Esha Bhargava <eshabhargava18 at gmail.com>

> Hello,
> My name is Esha Bhargava and I am a Computer Science Master's student at
> the University of Florida. I have taken up Ethical Hacking/Penetration
> Testing as a part of my coursework for the fall semester.
> I read about your project on the OWASP website and I am interested in
> contributing to the documentation.  Can you please guide me a little about
> where can I begin and how can I help. I can devote 4-5 hours each week for
> the same.
> Best,
> Esha Bhargava
> Masters Computer Science
> University of Florida
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