[Owasp-education] Training formats

Dan Cornell dan at denimgroup.com
Thu Apr 3 17:30:08 UTC 2014

OK, this the right list for discussing training formats?

As I mentioned on the leaders list, I'm looking at creating ZAP training resources.
They will, of course, be completely free and open source.

I was thinking of just producing a set of OO slides and documents which describe a suggested way of teaching various bits of ZAP functionality.
But I've not really started this yet, so I can easily produce alternative materials.

So ... I guess my question is:

What recommendations do you have for an OWASP contributor who plans to produce a new modular set of open source training courses?

Based on some discussion on the Leaders list and a suggestion from Erlend Oftedal I played around with this for a bit last night:

Initial thoughts:

-Easy to version control - mostly text-based
-Easy to collaborate (via version control)

-Content production tools aren't as advanced as Powerpoint or similar (you basically have to make slides in Markdown)

I'm going to look at converting some of our training content over to see if there are any  tricks that can make the production aspects easier. A decent Markdown editing tool would actually work pretty well I think. Need to play around with it.



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