[Owasp-education] Donation of OWASP ASVS 1.0 ~2 day training deck

Seba seba at owasp.org
Tue Jun 9 02:05:30 EDT 2009

Hi Andrew,

That is great!
Thank you for your donation: we will make sure it is made to good use
within the education project.

We'll keep you updated on your 'baby' :-)



On Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 3:30 AM, Andrew van der Stock<vanderaj at owasp.org> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I am donating my full training 1.5 day to 2 day deck I gave at OWASP AU
> 2009. As ASVS 1.0 is here now, I think there's a lot of reasons to link the
> ASVS and Education projects. It's not often a full training deck is released
> into the wild as for many companies, this is their bread and butter, so
> please make full use of the donation.
> I am contributing the deck to the Education Project as is - it certainly
> needs help to get to a truly polished state. I think the areas that could be
> improved are:
> 1. It currently refers to ASVS 1.0 beta. Ensure every single ASVS 1.0
> (release) topic is covered.
> 2. Speaker's notes on every single slide.
> 3. Break it up into modules so folks can download and use it piecemeal
> 4. Narration using SlideShare or similar.
> 5. It's currently at around 1.5 days, but needs to be 2 days. More material
> or better labs need to be added
> 6. Get the results up on the Wiki early and often.
> 7. Ensure OWASP's standard copyright and licensing terms (CC) are stuck in
> it so if it's stolen and abused, we have a method of enforcement. I am
> releasing this to help OWASP, not for fee firms, although they can use it
> with attribution (see the CC licensing)
> The original Keynote is here: (Zip compressed)
> http://www.greebo.net/owasp/private/OWASP_AU_Secure_Architecture_and_Coding.zip
> The Powerpoint export is here:
> http://www.greebo.net/owasp/private/OWASP_AU_Secure_Architecture_and_Coding.ppt
> The Powerpoint export is a bit broken compared to the Keynote original. It
> will need cleaning up if you want to use that version (not recommended). I
> suggest keeping the master as Keynote, and exporting to Powerpoint or PDF as
> you need.
> I can certainly help out with advice and so on, but I have a very full
> plate, so I would like someone to take it and run with this if they can.
> I'll let the Education Project decide what happens to this baby.
> thanks,
> Andrew
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