[Owasp-education] Donation of OWASP ASVS 1.0 ~2 day training deck

Andrew van der Stock vanderaj at owasp.org
Mon Jun 8 21:30:36 EDT 2009

Hi folks,

I am donating my full training 1.5 day to 2 day deck I gave at OWASP  
AU 2009. As ASVS 1.0 is here now, I think there's a lot of reasons to  
link the ASVS and Education projects. It's not often a full training  
deck is released into the wild as for many companies, this is their  
bread and butter, so please make full use of the donation.

I am contributing the deck to the Education Project as is - it  
certainly needs help to get to a truly polished state. I think the  
areas that could be improved are:

1. It currently refers to ASVS 1.0 beta. Ensure every single ASVS 1.0  
(release) topic is covered.
2. Speaker's notes on every single slide.
3. Break it up into modules so folks can download and use it piecemeal
4. Narration using SlideShare or similar.
5. It's currently at around 1.5 days, but needs to be 2 days. More  
material or better labs need to be added
6. Get the results up on the Wiki early and often.
7. Ensure OWASP's standard copyright and licensing terms (CC) are  
stuck in it so if it's stolen and abused, we have a method of  
enforcement. I am releasing this to help OWASP, not for fee firms,  
although they can use it with attribution (see the CC licensing)

The original Keynote is here: (Zip compressed)


The Powerpoint export is here:


The Powerpoint export is a bit broken compared to the Keynote  
original. It will need cleaning up if you want to use that version  
(not recommended). I suggest keeping the master as Keynote, and  
exporting to Powerpoint or PDF as you need.

I can certainly help out with advice and so on, but I have a very full  
plate, so I would like someone to take it and run with this if they  
can. I'll let the Education Project decide what happens to this baby.

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