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Sebastien Deleersnyder sebastien.deleersnyder at ascure.com
Wed Mar 14 15:42:09 EDT 2007

Hi Grady,


Please have a look at the current road map:



If you already want to create ppt slides: we will definitely need some
up to date slides with an OWASP introduction.

Raw material - or even slightly outdated versions - can be found on the
OWASP site, please add material you found to the consolidation page.


Now on the powerpoints / module:.

*	You should provide a summary next to the slides.
*	The slides should be in the right template:
*	We still have to come up with some guidelines on slide content,
but obviously:

	*	Only include necessary data
	*	Slide contents should be self evident
	*	One slide should cover only one specific topic, avoid
overly dense slides
	*	Max seven words per line, seven lines per slide
	*	Present information graphically: an image can say more
that thousand words
	*	Don't use all capital letters
	*	...

*	Support each slide with notes (the part below the slide in
PowerPoint). These notes should provide the presenter with enough
material (including references) to prepare the presentation without much
extra research.


I hope this is clearer now?


Any feedback is welcome here.







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I would like to contribute content including power point slides etc, but
I am new to this sort of thing.  Can someone walk me through the


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