[Owasp-education] ppt narration experiment results

Sebastien Deleersnyder sebastien.deleersnyder at ascure.com
Wed Mar 7 09:49:09 EST 2007



I tested out powerpoint narrative recording with the SQL injection

I will spare you the results :-) but the main goal was to experiment and
find out how much disk space this takes and what the quality is.


Result for 5 to 6 minutes of recorded narration at 'radio quality' 43
kb/sec: 11 MB! That is quit big. 

I would estimate that an average module of 45 minutes will result in 90
MB this way.

The quality seems ok, but some audio was skipped when I went to the next

Maybe this is because I used linked narration, which creates a separate
wav file per slide.


I hope there are better ways to do this, resulting in smaller 'webinars'
that can be downloaded.


Something I learned also: If done like this it is important to have a
written out 'script' of text supporting the slide.

This can be integrated as (part of) the slide notes.





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