[Owasp-education] Introduction & work done

Mike de Libero mikede at mde-dev.com
Tue Mar 6 20:41:07 EST 2007


    My name is Mike de Libero I have been helping OWASP out here and 
there for the past few years mainly in the .Net area. 

    Why I joined this project was hopefully to help in some way to pass 
the security information to developers and help organize OWASP so 
information can be disseminated better. 

    I have gone through about 4 pages of the PPT search and have added 
some of the PPTs to the consolidation page.  There is still more work to 
be done though. 

    I am planning on creating an OWASP presentation that has an overview 
of all the OWASP tools/guides (well at least ones worth mentioning which 
is quite a few). 

    Well I look forward to helping out and if anyone is ever in the 
Seattle area feel free to drop me a line.

    Mike de Libero

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