[Owasp-education] education modules structure proposal

Sebastien Deleersnyder seba at deleersnyder.eu
Mon Jul 30 02:42:46 EDT 2007

Hi Bunyamin,


I do not understand what you mean.

Should I add 'education tool' category? To group eduction modules that cover


If I want to create an education module covering how to use WebScarab then I
would add the category "Category:OWASP WebScarab Project" to make sure it is
listed at the bottom of the WebScarab project page.

By grouping the modules under thet education modules category we get a nice
grouping page
http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Category:OWASP_Education_Modules, but I do
not see the need for a seperated education tool category. Or did you mean
something else?





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Hi Seba,

Maybe you should add education tool category each education modules. I think
it will be good.

Best Regards,

2007/7/28, Sebastien Deleersnyder < seba at deleersnyder.eu
<mailto:seba at deleersnyder.eu> >:



I have created a separate category for the modules and provided a template
and 2 examples.


comments welcome :-) 





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