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Welcome to the OWASP Education project mailing list!

The Education project page can be found at


One of my first questions to you is:

What are your thoughts on the project goals? Can they be rephrased

I would like to invite you to think about it and provide feedback to the
list for discussion during this week.


I have started an OWASP presentation consolidation page
<http://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Education_Presentation_Rating>  to
create an inventory of what is already available.

There are currently hundreds of presentations all over the OWASP web

If you search google with "site:owasp.org filetype:ppt" there are 166
hits. "site:owasp.org filetype:pdf" returns 76.

Feel free to "mine" them and add them to the overview.


If you already feel the urge to contribute: do not hesitate to add stuff
to the roadmap page with tasks and progress.




Kind regards,



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