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Galoget Latorre galoget.latorre en owasp.org
Dom Mar 31 00:58:54 UTC 2013

Estimados miembros de la lista,

Se les recuerda que hace algunos días atrás se publicó un CTF (Capture The
Flag) Internacional, el cual es accesible desde cualquier parte del mundo
es la versión Internacional organizada para todo el Tour 2013.

Para registrarse y participar en los desadíos pueden ingresar al siguiente

Si tienen alguna duda de cualquier nivel pueden hacerla en la lista, para
publicar en la lista solo deben escribir un correo a:

 owasp-ecuador_student_chapter en lists.owasp.org

También se les adjunta la información transcrita del evento y sus reglas
(originalmente en Inglés):

*Background information*
Ever wonder what a CTF is, or ever been curious to have a go - but have no
idea where to start? OWASP Security Shepherd has been designed and
implemented with the aim of fostering and improving security awareness
among a varied skill-set demographic. This project enables users to learn
or to improve upon existing manual penetration testing skills.

The guys from Honeyn3t Ireland have created a customised version of the
OWASP Security Shepherd for the OWASP Latam Tour 2013.

More info about this project here:


*Competition Rules*
- No Denial of Service Attacks.
- No automated Scans (you might get banned).
- Do not generate large amounts of traffic.
- No destructive attacks (don't delete stuff).
- Please confine your hacking on the tasks that are explicitly free to hack.
- If you find a cheat or trick to solve things more easily, please report
it for Bonus Points.
- The organizers might change the rules throughout the challenge.
- Participants breaking these rules might be penalized or excluded from the

*Winner Prize*
- 1st Prize: An admission ticket to OWASP AppSec Latam Conference to be
hosted in Lima, Peru this October 2013.
- 2nd Prize: An Amazon gift card worth U$50

*Winner Announcement*
The winners will be announced April 5th, 2013.


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