[Owasp-denver] Invitation to Participate in a Doctoral Study

Garrett Goggans garrett.goggans at owasp.org
Tue Jan 29 14:58:19 UTC 2019

My name is Garrett Goggans, a doctoral student at Colorado Technical University.
I am in the process of doing a study on the strategies needed by web application
developers to adopt the security models of a secure development lifecycle (SDL).
To conduct this study, I need to interview 10 web application developers who
have successfully integrated an SDL within their overall development life cycle.
This correspondence is to invite you to participate in the study by answering 10
questions revolving around your experience that will last roughly an hour. Each
participant must meet the following criteria in order to participate:
•	Must currently work, or have worked, with an SDL model giving them the ability
to speak intelligently on the topic.•	Must have been upper management or, at a
minimum, a senior level professional who had the authority to make integration
decisions, or provide input for decisions made, at the time of the integration.
Please note that I can ensure complete confidentiality and anonymity through the
guidelines that must be followed by the study. If you are interested in
participating in this study, please respond back to me to begin the next steps
of the process.
Thank you for your time.W. Garrett Goggans
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