[Owasp-denver] Register for September Meeting / Volunteers for AppSec 2014 in Denver

Steve Kosten steve.kosten at owasp.org
Wed Sep 4 03:32:49 UTC 2013

Hello Denver OWASP!

I wanted to first email everyone and remind you that Denver and Boulder
OWASP are hosting the national OWASP conference (AppSec USA) in 2014.  We
are already ramping up and having meetings planning out venue, speakers and
more.  If you'd like to take part in this, please contact me and we can
certainly involve you in one of many aspects of this great conference.

Also, please consider attending AppSec USA 2013 in New York City (Nov
18-21st) http://appsecusa.org/2013/

*Please Register for September's Denver OWASP Meeting at:*

http://denverowasp2013sept.eventbrite.com/ or on our Meetup site


*OWASP Denver's September Meeting:*

*A big thank you to our sponsor:*  *South Seas Corporation*

*Venue:*  *Chinook Tavern by Fiddler's Green*

*Speaker:*  *Bill Jackson*

Bill Jackson has been a software engineer with Raytheon for 15 years. He
has worked as the secure coding lead for the GPS program (yeah, that GPS),
and has helped define and implement secure coding processes and practices
for several other programs. His experience extends to Java EE, Agile
software development, concurrency, and user interface design (expect a
lively discussion).  Bill has MS in computer science from the University of
Colorado at Denver and a BS from Colorado State University and holds a
CISSP and CompTIA Security+ certification.

*Topic:*  *Secure Coding Mechanics*

 Bill will bring his experience as a software engineer and secure coding
lead to discuss common vulnerabilities in both development and architecture

• Integer overflow/underflow

• Filename/path validation

• Excessive logging

• Debug modes/maintenance hooks/configuration by convention

• Insecure password handling (back-end handling)

• Insecure start-up and shut-down

Steve Kosten
OWASP Denver Chapter Leader
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