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Andy Lewis alewis at owasp.org
Tue Jun 5 14:00:29 UTC 2012

On June 20th, one of SnowFROC¹s best speakers (Laz) returns with a new
discussion about Emerging Threats.  Silvertail Systems will be providing
pizza and Hosting.com is providing facilities and beer.  Please RSVP here:
Pizza arrives around 6.  Please be sure to RSVP at the link above so we know
how much pizza to order.
See you there!


Denver OWASP June 20th Chapter Meeting
Location Provided by Hosting.com
900 S Broadway
4th Floor (The Corner Pocket)
Denver, CO 80209

Pizza at 6, kickoff at about 6:30

Don't miss the June 20th meeting it¹s the last meeting until September.

Denver OWASP has a great and rare opportunity for June at Denver OWASP.

Guest speaker in June is Laz, the Director of Strategy at Silvertail
Systems. Laz is a dynamic speaker and he knows how bad it is out there in
all areas of IT security. His presentation about risk deterrence was very
highly regarded at SnowFROC 2012.
A big thanks to Laz and Silvertail who are sponsoring the Pizza for June!

RSVP here: http://www.eventbrite.com/org/371792456


Emerging Threats - How Bad is It out There?


- Intros
- Emerging Threats - Real World Case Studies of What Cyber Criminals are
- Where is Mobile in the MIx?
- Quantifying the Threats and Risks
- Reporting - What Metrics are Leadership Teams Looking for Today?

About Laz:

With more than 20 years in IT security, Laz is the Director of Strategy for
Silver Tail Systems. This is following his role as the head of Information
Security with the Sears Online Business Unit.

Previously, Laz served as an IT security consultant and IT auditor who
worked with Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Laz is the
inventor of several patents for controlling personally identifiable
information, Information Security, and Information Technology. His
involvement with security initiatives includes contributions for standards
and policies regarding compliance and Information Security methodologies,
policies, and Web application security.

Laz is a published author, has served in the United States Air Force, holds
a Masters in Computer Information Security from the University of Denver and
an MBA from Pepperdine University.

See you there!

Andy Lewis
Denver OWASP
Developers, testers, security folks, and IT auditors all in one place!
How much better could it get?  YOU can BE THERE TOO!
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