[Owasp-denver] January meeting follow-up

CRAIG KLOSTERMAN klostermac at msn.com
Mon Jan 23 15:18:58 UTC 2012

Hello All,
We had an excellent turn out at our chapter meeting on the 18th. We look 
forward to seeing everyone again in February. Remember to bring a friend from 
your QA team. I want to send out a huge thanks once again to Hosting.com for 
providing the accommodations.

Greg Knaddison from Acquia did a great job presenting a comparison of 
security methods between open source vendors. 

Thanks to Greg as well!

Here are some of the key point from Greg's presentation.

* If someone is using your software then you are the "Vendor" and 
to have a process for handling security issues that people find
There are many steps to the process of fixing a security bug
identifying it and getting it live on all the sites in the
* Lots of 
things can go wrong through that process, and a good
"vendor" will make sure 
that there is as little as possible that can
go wrong at each step
* Most 
Major software projects do an OK job of handling these issues,
and yet 
there's room for improvement

Be looking for updates on Twitter and though 
e-mail on the February meeting.

Look forward to seeing everyone!

Craig Klosterman
Communications Chairman

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