[Owasp-denver] Reminder: July OWASP Meeting Scheduled for Wednesday, 16 July, 6pm at Raytheon Polar, Centennial CO

David Campbell dcampbell at owasp.org
Mon Jul 14 12:40:31 EDT 2008


A quick reminder that our July Denver OWASP meeting is scheduled for 
Wednesday at 6pm at RPSC in Centennial.

I am really looking forward to the presentation, as I have had the 
pleasure of playing with pre-release versions of the Grendel scanner, 
and it's very powerful, yet easy to use.

Please remember to bring a laptop.  Live-CD's will be provided so that 
participants can follow along with the presentation in realtime.

I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday evening.  If you haven't 
RSVP'd yet and intend to attend, please drop me a note.


- DC

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Subject: July OWASP Meeting Scheduled for Wednesday, 16 July, 6pm at 
Raytheon Polar, Centennial CO
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Blackhat veteran David Byrne and Denver chapter leader Eric Duprey will
be presenting their latest work: Grendel!

Grendel is a tool they developed to automate many aspects of appsec
testing. During this presentation, they will show how to use Grendel to
accelerate webapp pen testing.

Bring a laptop with an optical drive, as a LiveCD will be provided which
includes Grendel and a target application.

Developers are encouraged to attend, as Grendel can be used to find many
common flaws in applications.  We all know that fixing bugs in DEV is
significantly cheaper than fixing them after a production penetration test.


6-6:30 Dinner (at RPSC; pizza provided by TrustWave.)
6:30 - 6:40 Chapter business
6:40 - 8:00 Presentation and Q&A

Following the meeting we will have informal discussions over beverages
at JD's Bait Shop in Centennial.

Raytheon Polar is located at 7400 S. Tucson Way, Englewood, CO 80112.

RSVP please for headcount for supper.



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