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Reminder – this is the last week to submit to the first round of our CFP
(Call for Presentations).

This is going to be a truly fabulous event, I highly recommend
participating! Most of our talks will be selected from the first round, so
do your best to get your submission in now. And please share with your
chapter / project list / anyone else that has something interesting to
share! J

Submit here: https://telaviv.appsecglobal.org/program/call-for-papers

And if you are concerned about submitting, or this would be your first time
speaking at a conference – don’t worry! We will support you the whole way
and provide any mentoring you need. (You can even reach out to me
personally for support, as I am not on the content review committee J )

One more note: we are working on dedicating a budget to assist a few
speakers that would not otherwise be able to join us, due to lack of funds
or employer – so do not let this hold you back.

Chapter Leaders: if you will be having a chapter meeting any time soon,
we’d really appreciate if you could share this at your meeting! If you
would like a slide to display the details, there is one here (


Sponsors – this is a great opportunity to reach an amazing audience!
Details on some of our sponsorship options here:

Avi D

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*Subject:* [OWASP IL Leaders] Announcing Global AppSec Tel Aviv!

Hey everyone!

We are thrilled to announce that the OWASP Israel chapter has been asked to
host the next OWASP global event!

Global AppSec Tel Aviv will be held in sunny Tel Aviv, right across from
the beautiful Mediterranean beach. It will start on May 26-30, 2019 – 3
days of Training and other activities, and then 2 days of exciting content
at the Conference.

We are expecting hundreds of OWASP leaders and security professionals to be
joining us. Our theme this year is “*AppSec: The Community of Innovation*”.

More details will be at https://telaviv.appsecglobal.org/ as they are

You can start participating in this exciting event now – Our Call for
Presentations and Call for Trainings are open now!



Please try to submit as soon as possible, as these will only be open for a
few weeks.

We will be sharing sponsorship details soon!


Avi D

Global-AppSec-TLV Conference Chair

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