[OWASP-Delhi] WebGoat 6.0 Modernization - Survey

Sandeep Singh sandeep.singh at owasp.org
Sun Sep 7 20:40:57 UTC 2014

Hi all,

*WebGoat* is undergoing a major *modernization effort*.  Already, the old
UI and infrastructure have been replaced. The project is at a point where
it needs your feedback

*Which lessons should be imported?*

Fill out our *survey
<https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/OWASP-WebGoat-Modernization> *(it only
takes about 5 minutes), and *help prioritize the next effort*.


In each section, mark "Keep" for the lessons you feel are valuable. For
those you are not familiar with, mark "Indifferent."  For those that need
to go, mark "Discard." (Each question requires a response.)

NOTE: Just because a lesson may be buggy, does not mean it is not valuable.
This is not a survey for how WebGoat works but a survey to understand which
lessons are important and should be ported first.

Survey closes September 14th

- Sandeep
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