[Owasp-delhi] Indian Hackers Respond to 26/11 Terrorist Attack

Jack H4xor j4ckh4xor at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 04:43:31 EST 2010

26th November 2010, two years from the dark day for the Indians when
few Islamic terrorists from Pakistan opened fire at few key public
places of Mumbai, killing around 175 people and wounding many.

A group of young and enthusiastic Indian hackers, tagged as Indian
Cyber Army (ICA) powered by indishell.in, carried a mass defacement
operation against many public and official websites belonging to
Pakistan in order to pay their homage to the martyr of the terrorist
incident. Hacker Regiment sources talked to few hackers belonging to
ICA to understand their modus operandi behind such cyber attacks.
Jackh4x0r and LuCkY told that most of the group members are already
well settled and earning good money out of their professions.
“Monetary benefits is not the motivation for any of the group members
to carry out such cyber attacks, this particular attack was to convey
a message to the Pakistani citizens on opposing the terror route being
followed by their nation to disturb neighbours. And 26/11 was the
ideal time for conveying this message when our brave soldiers laid
their precious life for the country people” said Jackh4x0r.

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