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Hi Chintan,


As per my understanding, if software vendor prohibits reverse engineering in
their EULA, in such cases it is illegal. Also, section 1201(f) of THE
DIGITAL MILLENNIUM COPYRIGHT ACT explicitly addresses reverse engineering
from the perspective of copyright infringement and software product code
cracking. For more details you can refer
www.copyright.gov/legislation/dmca.pdf . 


I hope this would help. 






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Hi Experts,


I need a small help from you.


Is RE legal for security assessments of products purchased from vendors?


There has been a bit of confusion around RE topic.


I know it is illegal to do RE to steal the idea, however this one, I

need feedback from you folks.


If you can share some authoritative resources that could confirm on

the legality/illegality, it would be great.




Chintan Dave,


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