[Owasp-delhi] IBM AppSCAN & HP Webinspect comparison

Gautam Pagedar appsec.experts at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 22:58:53 EST 2010

It great to see the comparison. We are using AppScan for more than 5 years now and I somehow feel that it does not give me full control to do everything.

Its of course a good tool for novice starting AppSec. We also use Cenzic and it give me some extra features and maybe also a way to compare every time I get into a engagement.

FYI, AppScan has a Enterprise version and its a cool tool for a enterprise wise deployment and getting AppSec testing into SDLC.


Thanks for this report. It gives me a good reason to try WebInspect :-)

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  Hello Manik,

  Webinspect is much better than Appscan since appscan shows up a lot of false positives and the best web vulnerablity canner would be Acunetix WVS + Acusensor. Please the comparision file attached.


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  Subject: [Owasp-delhi] IBM AppSCAN & HP Webinspect comparison


  Kindly let me know which tool is better for penetration testing among IBM AppSCAN & HP Webinspect.



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