[Owasp-delhi] Volunteers Needed for OWASP Committees

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Sorry for the top posting again. I am really thankful to all the members who
have expressed their willingness to volunteer for this noble cause. 


But what I feel like missing is, OWASP Delhi Chapter carries maximum members
in comparison to any other OWASP Chapter across the globe and still it could
only find nomination from around 10+ members expressing interest as
volunteers. It's a volunteering effort so it definitely comes from heart and
we can't force, but for those who couldn't nominate, I thought to share my
personal blog link from my Mar10 post which was on similar lines in a way,
hope should be helpful to some in some mean:


For sure, am not trying to promote my personal blog, have got enough
readers. Everything is meant for you, just thought to share some insights.
Please consider it as a spam and ignore if you don't like it. But act before
its too late.


Many Thanks,





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Forgot to mention - OWASP Delhi Committee Members while being on the board
will be entitled to attend any OWASP Conference in Delhi at no cost (i.e.
FREE as in beer). 


Tomorrow evening 1800hrs has been kept as the closing time for the
nominations and we will announce the shortlisted committee members on
Friday. So, hurry up and show-up for a good cause, communities are meant to
be driven by people, for people. You are very much amongst former or the
later group but your presence in both the groups would certainly bring the


Look forward to your interest.






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Dear All,


Its been a while since we could gather for a chapter meeting and discuss on
variety of InfoSec issues. Lately, I have been receiving lot of calls from
members expressing their interest to attend OWASP Delhi Chapter meetings but
hectic schedule on our part made it difficult for us to devote time
organizing the meetings. May I please request members here to participate as
volunteers and carry the OWASP flagship forward. Out of several tasks, below
are few of the important ones with brief responsibility for which you may
nominate yourself as committee members to work shoulder to shoulder with
OWASP Delhi Board:


1.     Speaker Coordination Committee (SCC)

a.     Float the CFP (Call for papers) on the list, shortlist the
speakers/topics, share the list of speakers with WMC (point 4)


2.     Venue Coordination Committee (VCC)

a.     Identifying the companies who wish to sponsor our chapter meeting,
visiting the venue to approve the logistics, announcing the venue. Sharing
the list of participants with the sponsor. Advance visit before meeting to
ensure everything is plugged 


3.     Participant Coordination Committee (PCC)

a.     Preparing the list of participants who wish to attend the OWASP
meeting. Handing over the final list to VCC. Getting the link for agenda
from WMC and announcing it to the list. 


4.     Wikipedia Management Committee (WMC)

a.     Coordinate with SCC and VCC and update the meeting agenda on the


What do you get in return? Visibility, credibility, learning, networking and
above all, a great level of satisfaction by devoting few hours towards a
good cause. 


Note: OWASP chapter meetings are open and free to all the participants.
There is no sponsorship fees attached. Sponsors only need to avail their
venue for few hours with A/V equipped along with high-tea for the
participants. In case your company wish to sponsor upcoming chapter meeting
please let us know. It doesn't cost a thing and provides a good branding
opportunity for companies to showcase their seriousness towards information


Please write me offline with your interest to participate in any/multiple
committee(s) of your choice. Suggestions always welcome.


Many Thanks,

Dhruv Soi

Chair - OWASP India, Director - OWASP Delhi Chapter


"what goes around comes around." 


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