[Owasp-delhi] Rediff Search engine XSS Vulnerability

Nilesh Kumar (India) Nilesh.Kumar at sdgc.com
Fri May 15 08:24:14 EDT 2009

Hi Abhay!

    It's not new. It has been reported several times.

Here you can find all Rediff related XSSs. 


Even I had contacted Rediff's Technical Manager Salil Chaudhary and
submitted him the details too.

But when I saw the above link  http://xssed.com/search?key=rediff , I
got the idea how serious are they in dealing with the flaw. J


So I didn't follow up and today ,after 4 months of reporting, the status
is the same. Their every second Search module is flawed. But no use
reporting them again.


Rediff is full of vulnerability.


Following is the mail regarding my reporting to them:



From: Salil [salilc at rediff.co.in]

To: Nilesh Kumar (India)


Thanks Nilesh. Appreciate the time taken by you to ship this our way.
Will have the team look into em.




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Dear Salil,


     As discussed, please find Security Advisory Report for Rediff
attached here.


What suprised me was that yours is a world class Web site and yet the
vulnerabilities are quite simple to detect and that too on your home
page's 'Search' module.

Hope you will find it useful and informational.

In case of any queries just revert back to me.I will be glad to help you


Waiting for your response.



Nilesh Kumar,

Security Specialist, SDG SIPL,






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Hi All


I have discovered that Rediff's search engine is vulnerable to Cross
Site Scripting flaws due to output encoding issues. 


Read all about it and see the PoC at my blog



Abhay Bhargav


SISA Information Security Pvt.Ltd.

Bangalore, India


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