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<> Forwarded invitation from Justin to OWASP Australia Conference in
February 2009: <>


If you are planning to visit Australia in coming weeks then don't miss this
upcoming OWASP event!


Many Thanks,




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Subject: OWASP Conference - AU 2009


Hi Everyone,

So could everyone in the region post the details out below and encourage for
members to get involved. Last year we ended up with about 30 people from
china/Thailand/japan/malaysai/indai etc and around the region. This year
everything is shaping up to be an awesome conference, we even have alot of
people from india and other regions joining us so far, but being the first
owasp conference for the year we want more diversity.

So lets spread the word.. Any which way you can please put the message out
on your local chapter lists, and also any other blogs that you may write on.


Hope to see everyone from the region here for 2009..


Justin (Conference Chair)




Announcing the first OWASP conference for 2009 located on the beautiful Gold

OWASP is holding their annual conference on the February 25,26,26th of 2009.

event received great reviews last year and was seen as the premier

security event in Asia Pacific.


This year we have multiple tutorials on application security, local and

speakers, as well as many networking opportunities to meet and discuss
security issues

with your peers.


The selected schedule, registration and details of the conference can all be
found on

the OWASP wiki at  <http://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_AU_Conference_2009>

Registrations start from as low as $400 USD to attend.


Come and join us for three days of informative sessions on application
security and 

learn more about the OWASP project.


Register online now at



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