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Karthik Muthukrishnan karthik.muthukrishnan at tcs.com
Thu Jan 15 03:35:36 EST 2009

Out of band verification must be done for every request to the server, if 
the session credentials (typically a session ID cookie) is to be 
protected. Without it, the initial auth creds in the login request will be 
protected by out of band verification,  but not the session creds. 

> I know what I can use, but just out of curiousity I want to know if I 
don't use SSL/VPN or any other network based protection, what else can be 
done on the application layer in order to protect the credentials.
Auth creds (login requests) of web applications can be protected by using 
either a challenge handshake mechanism or by using an out of band system. 
However both of these will only prevent clear-text auth creds from being 
transmitted across the network.  After logging in, session credentials 
will have to be protected too. I beleive we have two options for this. The 
first is to encrypt the channel, which is most commonly used in web 
applications. The other alternative is not to support sessions at all. But 
this means that authentication must happen for every request going to the 

Guys, let me know if you can think of other options for Gunwant's 

> > As we all know salted MD5 hashing protects the authentication 
credentials rightly from eavesdropping on the network.
> Apparently Yes, although ultimately it protects authentication 
credentials only.
No offense buddy, but you are using salted MD5 in a vulnerable way, for 
network apps. 

Salted hashes prevent attackers from obtaining the source text, so by 
sniffing the network and obtaining the hash, they cant have the original 
password. You are correct there. 
But when a web app uses a login request with a hashed password, any one 
with that hash can use that to login to the app -- without needing the 
original password. 



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