[Owasp-delhi] Please clarify

Soumyendu Das Soumyendu.Das at itc.in
Tue Feb 3 06:32:50 EST 2009

Dear Pamendra,

I can give you an example where both CSRF and XSS vulnerabilities both are 
in action to amplify the severity of attack.
If one application is allowing to store javascript from User Input and 
display the same somewhere in the site(e.g. area 11) , then it is very 
easy to store 
<img> or <iframe> tag or any other javascript to perform an unauthorized 
actions such as fund transfer (actions which are normally performed with 
CSRF attack) ,stealing the authentication cookie etc.
Now if the application is vulnerable to CSRF then those stored malicious 
javascript will be executed when the victim visit the area (area 11) of 
the site after authentication which is one of the prime requirement of 
CSRF attack.
Often it is referred as Stored CSRF attack but actually it is the CSRF in 
conjunction with XSS attack. 

Kind Regards
Soumyendu Das
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Application Security Team,ITC Infotech India Ltd.
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[Owasp-delhi] Please clarify

Hello All,
Please clarify the belowmentioned point:
"XSS flaws is susceptible to CSRF because a CSRF attack can exploit the 
XSS flaw to steal any non-automatically submitted credential that might be 
in place to protect against a CSRF attack"
Please mention the scenerio where both the vulnerabilities are in 
Thanks and Regards:

Parmendra Sharma
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