[Owasp-delhi] Cellphone Encryption Code Is Divulged

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Agreed on both points!!!

I have found something interesting while researching this issue http://reflextor.com/trac/a51.

Finally as an appsec adviser of banking group I can say (may be it is early) it's a challenge for our next generation banking technology i.e. "mobile banking".



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Am sure when the algo was devised it was known mathematically that a break would exist.

The issue goes beyond technology; since commercially there are millions of phones with pre programmed chips and micro controllers perhaps that won't be compatible with any new algo. I think that's the main reason why that algo still exists and with continue to exist for a while. So the change may take a while to phase in.

Also, given what you know how many can exploit it? Infact the more interesting logical question is "how do u exploit it?"


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