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Pukhraj Singh pukhraj.singh at sigint.co.in
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Welcome to the OWASP community. I lead the Kolkata chapter of OWASP. Now
I guess we have a fairly large team in India. Kolkata, Bangalore,
Delhi,Mumbai, Hyderabad, kerala. As we are now into the major IT cities,
this is the right time i hope to bring on the activities of OWASP at a
national level instead of being confined to regions. This is a call to
all other chapter leads in India to contribute their views on the same.
How about organising a conference/seminar ?? This is a pre-mature idea
but can be well executed with the feedback of other chapter leads in
On 9/14/05, Pukhraj Singh <pukhraj.singh at sigint.co.in> wrote: 
Greetings All,
Allow me to introduce you to the Delhi Chapter of OWASP. Although the
chapter was setup a few weeks ago, but some really hectic schedule 
didn't leave me with much time to introduce ourselves to other OWASP
compatriots. Anyways, we are back on track and we have some really
exciting plans to leverage need of web application security in Delhi and
adjoining areas. In the same respect, we are trying to create a synergy
between various enthusiasts and OWASP, thus providing them a common
platform to share knowledge. We are thankful to all OWASP Samaritans who
have made this project as a benchmark of web application security.

Currently, I am leading an entrepreneurial security services start-up
called SigInt Network Defense. My previous background is in security
consulting, security product development and research. 

PS: We have customized the OWASP logo to make one for the Delhi chapter.
Have a look :) (http://sigint.co.in/images/OWASP-Delhi.gif)

Pukhraj Singh, CTO 
SigInt Network Defense.

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