[Owasp-delaware] prep for hands-on at tomorrow's OWASP Delaware chapter meeting

David Rhoades david.rhoades at owasp.org
Mon May 4 20:48:54 UTC 2015

Details of the meeting are at

We will be in room 309 of building #9 (called the Doberstein Admissions
Center - nicknamed the DAC) on the campus map here:

Agenda: We will be doing some hands-on with OWASP ZAP.

Instructions to get the most brain wrinkles (a result of learning):

- bring a laptop

- install your favorite virtual machine software (I highly recommend

- download Web Security Dojo from
2.1-Beta2.ova/download  (if you already have v2.0 installed you should be
fine - just do the next apt-get steps below).
- after downloading the OVA file double click it and it should begin to
import into Virtual Box.  
- boot Web Security Dojo from Virtual Box (look for the green arrow) then
open a terminal inside Web Security Dojo to run these commands

- apt-get update

- apt-get upgrade

When it prompts for the password enter "dojo" (no quotes).

Eventually you will have updated copies of all the software in Web Security
Dojo, including OWASP ZAP. 

Hope to see you at the meeting.

--- David

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