[Owasp-delaware] meeting agenda for April 7, 2015

David Rhoades david.rhoades at owasp.org
Thu Apr 2 15:23:45 UTC 2015

See http://bit.ly/owaspDE for time and location, and RSVP to attend if
possible.  Thanks

Lend a hand and build your resume!

The agenda will be a discussion among _any_ interested parties about how to
move the OWASP agenda forward via this local chapter.

If you're able and willing to take on a role or help out in _any_ way on a
regular basis then you should plan to attend.  

NOTE: If you're looking to see cool 0day web exploits demonstrated then this
is not the meeting for you...that will be next month.  :-)

Potentially needed roles include:

- social media lead

- meeting lead (a person assigned to lead a specific meeting)

- future recurring speakers (in lieu of a "big" name speaker we would need
people that don't mind giving short demos and talks as needed to round out a

- CTF lead

- other roles? let's discuss.

- do we need a board?  What is a board anyway?

We will be in room 309 of building #9 on the campus map here:

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