[Owasp-delaware] OWASP Delaware's new Meetup page

David Rhoades david.rhoades at owasp.org
Fri Aug 29 20:14:47 UTC 2014

Check out our chapter's new Meetup page.  Slides were just posted for the
recent meetings.  Special thanks to Pradeep Chhabra for presenting "Building
Robust Application Security Model For Free".
Get the PDF at our Meetup page.  It will be on the OWASP chapter page soon


Hurray, another thing to sign up for! ;)
Technically you don't need to sign up at Meetup.  The site does makes it
easy to RSVP for events.  That will help us get a head count for ordering
the correct amount of food.

Yes, meeting will still be announced on the mailing list.
Yes, meeting will still be posted on the OWASP Delaware Chapter homepage.

Meetup will help us draw more people in the area.

If you do sign up at Meetup please no SQLi et al.  Thanks :)

David, not Dave

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