[Owasp-dallas] July meeting recap

Denis Sheridan denis.sheridan at owasp.org
Thu Jul 21 22:55:17 UTC 2016

Hi all

Thanks to everyone that came out in support of another great meeting.  It's
nice to see a bigger set of familiar faces as we continue to chug along :)

I've had a few folks reach out to our group regarding free
training/workshops.  *Please take this short survey to help us gauge
interest and organize this:*


A reminder about the job announcements from our July meeting... the
following companies are looking for app sec folks:

   - Zixcorp is looking for a Security Engineer with 1-2 years of
   experience doing web app pen testing.  Contact Mike Businger <
   mbusinger at zixcorp.com> for more info
   - US Bank is looking for security folks. Contact Rajganesh Pandurangan <
   prajganesh at gmail.com> for more info

Our August meeting will be a happy hour.  I will be posting the meeting
announcement soon.

As always... if you'd like to present a topic, host a meeting, or sponsor
food & drinks, please contact me :)

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