[Owasp-dallas] Is this chapter active?

Matthew Townsend Matthew.Townsend2 at wnco.com
Mon Jan 12 16:34:14 EST 2009

Hi Richard,
I joined this group today as well.  I am not certain of the size nor
activity of the group.


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I've just subscribed to the Dallas Chapter mailing lists and I'm
wondering if this chapter is still active or has gone dormant.  
I'm not sure how large or small this mailing list is so I'm sending this
email to try and establish the level of interest in OWASP activities.  
I work at Southwest Securities Inc. in downtown Dallas and manage a
group of systems and web programmers.  Over the past two years we've
been redesigning many of our web sites and adopting secure programming
practices has been a major focus.
Please reply if you have any information/updates on OWASP activates for
the Dallas chapter.
Richard Hawker
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