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[Rekall] Memory Forensics Analysis

Posted: 06 Feb 2014 03:29 PM PST
The Rekall Framework is a completely open collection of tools, implemented
in Python under the GNU General Public License, for the extraction of
digital artifacts from volatile memory (RAM) samples. The extraction
techniques are performed completely independent of the system being
investigated but offer visibilty into the runtime state of the system. The
framework is intended to introduce people to the techniques and
complexities associated with extracting digital artifacts from volatile
memory samples and provide a platform for further work into this exciting
area of research.

Rekall should run on any platform that supports Python (

Rekall supports investigations of the following x86 bit memory images:

   - Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 and 3
   - Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 0 and 1
   - Linux Kernels 2.6.24 to 3.10.
   - OSX 10.6-10.8.

Rekall also provides a complete memory sample acquisition capability for
all major operating systems (see the tools directory).

*Download Rekall <http://downloads.rekall.googlecode.com/git/index.html>*

[DDOSIM] Layer 7 DDoS

Posted: 06 Feb 2014 02:17 PM PST

DDOSIM is a tool that can be used in a laboratory environment to simulate a
distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack against a target server. The
test will show the capacity of the server to handle application specific
DDOS attacks. *ddosim* simulates several zombie hosts (having random IP
addresses) which create full TCP connections to the target server. After
completing the connection, *ddosim* starts the conversation with the
listening application (e.g. HTTP server).

ddosim is written in C++ and runs on Linux. Its current functionalities

   - HTTP DDoS with valid requests
   - HTTP DDoS with invalid requests (similar to a DC++ attack)
   - SMTP DDoS
   - TCP connection flood on random port

*Download DDOSIM* <http://sourceforge.net/projects/ddosim/>
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