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Could a CVE be assigned to this please?

An SQL injection flaw was found in Zabbix, where input passed via the
"itemid" parameter to popup_bitem.php is not properly sanitized before
being used in an SQL query.

The report was against version 2.0.1, but the upstream bug report [1]
indicates this also affects 1.8.x.  Upstream has patched [2] this, and
there is a potential patch for 1.8.x [3].

[1] https://support.zabbix.com/**browse/ZBX-5348<https://support.zabbix.com/browse/ZBX-5348>
[2] http://git.zabbixzone.com/**zabbix2.0/.git/commit/**
[3] https://gist.github.com/**3181678 <https://gist.github.com/3181678>

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Vincent Danen / Red Hat Security Response Team
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