[Owasp-csrfguard] Getting csrfguard 3.1 to work with struts 1.1 fowards, has anyone gotten it to work?

Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
Mon Aug 10 20:55:25 UTC 2015

Struts 1.1 is way past end of life and is no longer being supported in 
any way. The final struts 1.1 release was in _*2008*_. I highly 
recommend you move away from this framework. In a big way. Especially 
when emailing public lists with your work email.

- Jim

On 8/10/15 10:48 AM, [REDACTED] wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I did some searching on all the archives for struts before posting, I 
> will search for “forward” next
> We are trying to add csrfguard 3.1 to a very large, legacy (spaghetti) 
> web app, (actually many, but focusing on 1 for now)
> We are using struts 1.1 , weblogic 12.1.3 etc
> I’m able to get happy path for a fairly complex CRUD flow with a combo 
> of unprotected urls, as well as turning off token per page and token 
> rotate properties
> , which is in essence, just another session token , OWASP_CSRFTOKEN, 
> which is similar to JSESSIONID and struts token and can be forged is 
> similar matter. We need a per page token or rotating token to
> After some careful analysis on (what looks like) the latest and 
> greatest source https://github.com/aramrami/OWASP-CSRFGuard
> The problem is with the struts forward and flow is as follows:
> 1.Initial request using (wonky javascript) and csrfguard taglib
> openIwin("createSomeEntityForward.do?<csrf:token 
> uri="createSomeEntityForward.do"/>", "Create Organization");
> 2.CSRFGuard Filter (using token per page ) validates/allows the the 
> 1^st request  uri /createSomeEntityForward/
> 3.But when Filter intercepts 2nd forwarded path 
> “//WEB-INF/jsp/…/createEntity.jsp"//> The token in the request is not 
> found in the csrfguard uri/token map so it checks against the session 
> token which fails
> 4.I also tried turning off token per page and turned on token rotate, 
> the session token got updated, but the orig request has the now, stale 
> token
> 5.If there was some other normal (non csrf) validation, like a missing 
> field, it would be forwarded to yet another page which would also break
> Re-writing the webapp is not an option at this time, nor is upgrading 
> to more modern version of struts
> Proposed work-around:
> 1.We were thinking of writing our own filter to attached token to each 
> outbound request (and using the csrfguard api), to inject (add NV pair 
> to URL if GET or body if POST) and forgoing javascript injection or 
> csrf taglib, since we have hundreds of complex pages).
> 2.When the csrfguard filter now picks up the inbound request, it 
> validates each request, regardless if forward
> Another workaround:
> 1.Somehow get a handle to the orig request, the .do request, then 
> change the CSRFGuard.verifyPageToken() method to check the URI/Token 
> map for both the forwarded URI (.jsp) OR the orig URI (.do) for a match
> We are open to other ideas as well?
> Here’s a snippet of struts-config.xml (names fudged a bit)
> <actionpath=/"/createSomeEntityForward"/ 
> input=/"/WEB-INF/jsp/…/index.jsp"/ scope=/"request"/ 
> type=/"com….…..portal.action.SecurityForwardAction"/ validate=/"false"/>
> <forwardname=/"failure"/ path=/"/WEB-INF/jsp/…/index.jsp"//>
> <forwardname=/"success"/ path=/"/WEB-INF/jsp/…createEntity.jsp"//>
> </action>
> These are some of the the relevant session attributes
> org.apache.struts.action.TOKEN=d408fea028c0094dd0c8d8f978b3ed51
> Thanks in advance for your time
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