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cam cmorris at part.net
Thu Aug 20 16:48:03 EDT 2009

Attached is the source of a version of CSRFGuard that includes a JAAS
Login Method, and a pluggable TokenStrategy.  The motivation behind this
work is to share a CSRF token across applications that have SSO enabled
but don't share a session object.  

This doesn't include any of the struts2 work we proposed a few months

Here is the readme:

This version of CSRFGuard is as build by PartNet.  It is built on the
2.2 beta version.
It adds the following features:
- JAAS LoginModule that places a token name and value on the Subject
(For sharing tokens across web-applications)
- Pluggable strategy for obtaining token names and values
- SubjectTokenStrategy for obtaining token name and value from the
- VariableLengthTokenStrategy for random token names and variable length
tokens values

Questions? Contact Cam Morris at cmorris at part.net

On Tue, 2009-06-16 at 11:20 -0600, cam wrote: 
> Hello CSRFGuard Folks,
> My company, PartNet, has been evaluating different CSRF prevention tools
> and settled on building our own.  But, as we've been designing and
> coding it, we've had interoperability with CSRFGuard in mind.  PartNet
> just gave permission to donate any work on this tool to OWASP so I'd
> like to discuss the merits of the contribution and design with you.
> What it is:
> Most of this includes integration with the struts2 framework, a struts2
> interceptor, struts2 theme, and a struts2 URL tag.  The only part that
> isn't struts related is a JAAS login method. 
> JAAS Login Method:
> One problem we faced in using CSRFGuard is a user session was not shared
> across multiple applications.  We wanted CSRF protection on all the
> applications deployed including links between them.  Since we use
> container-managed authentication, and have our own JAAS login methods,
> we built an additional login method to generate a CSRF token and store
> it on the Subject.  This subject is provided to all applications even
> when the user's session is unique for each application.
> We modified the code that generates a token to instead use a token
> generation strategy.  In addition to the default strategy, we created a
> strategy that will pull the token off of the subject and provide it
> instead of creating a new on.  We then made the login module use the
> default strategy.
> Struts2 Interceptor:
> Instead of the CSRFGuard filter, the enforcement is done in a struts2
> interceptor.  The main difference is the configuration is based on
> annotations instead of configuration (not that one is better, some
> prefer annotations).
> Struts2 Theme:
> Instead of re-writing the outgoing web-pages we changed the struts2
> themes to include tokens in links and forms.
> Struts2 URL tag:
> Instead of using the jsp tags to insert tokens in custom javascript, we
> found that most, if not all, of our custom javascript uses URLs built by
> the struts2 URL tag.  So we build an extension of the tag to include the
> token.
> Interoperability
> The goal is to make the CSRFGuard filter and the struts2 interceptor
> interchangeable.  In other words.  The CSRFGuard re-writer would work
> with the struts2 interceptor, or the CSRFGuard filter would work with
> struts2 theme.
> I have a more detailed design doc.  But I wanted to get something out
> here to measure any interest in this project.  Please let me know what
> you think.
> Cameron Morris, 
> Software Security Specialist 
> PartNet
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