[Owasp-cork] OWASP Chapter Meeting

Fiona Collins fiona.collins at owasp.org
Mon Sep 15 18:49:27 UTC 2014

The next OWASP Cork Chapter meeting is taking place on Monday September
22nd in UCC at 7PM.

We would like to treat all attendees to some beer and pizza after the talks
in the Woolshed bar (Mardyke - http://www.woolshedbaa.com/cork/)

Hope to see you there.

There are two talks lined up:

*Talk 1: **Introduction to OWASP ZAP*

*Overview of the OWASP ZAP tool. *

*The Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) is an easy to use integrated penetration
testing tool for finding vulnerabilities in web applications.*

*It is designed to be used by people with a wide range of security
experience and as such is ideal for developers and functional testers who
are new to penetration testing.*

*ZAP provides automated scanners as well as a set of tools that allow you
to find security vulnerabilities manually.*

 *Talk 2: **Mark Denihan - OWASP Security Shepherd*

*The OWASP Security Shepherd project has been designed and implemented with
the aim of fostering and improving security awareness among a varied skill
set demographic. Shepherd covers the OWASP Top Ten web app risks and has
recently been injected with totally new content to cover the OWASP Top Ten
Mobile risks as well. Many of these levels include insufficient mitigations
and protections to these risks, such as blacklist filters, atrocious
encoding schemes, barbaric security mechanisms and poor security
configuration. The modules have been crafted to provide not only a
challenge for a security novice, but security professionals as well. **In
this presentation we're going to look at the Shepherd platform itself from
both a learning and teaching perspective. Some of Shepherd's lessons and
challenges will be demonstrated and we'll also walkthrough how easy it is
to stand up a Security Shepherd instance and how it can be tailored to suit
any web/mobile app sec teaching environment*s.

Please register for the event on our meet-up page:

Hope to see you there,
Fiona & Darren
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