[OCC] Strategic Focus Group Initiative: Feedback Requested

Kate Hartmann kate.hartmann at owasp.org
Fri Oct 12 20:52:13 UTC 2012

All, two weeks ago, I sent information to the leaders list about an
initiative to broaden the platform of volunteer participation.  This
initiative was presented to the board, and a few of you, during the 10/8
board meeting.

Overall, I believe that the proposal was well received, although there are
some details to be worked through and systems to refine before this can "go
live."  One primary area that needs to be resolved is the question of
budgeting for 2013.

The ops team is working on a roll out plan for this to supplement the
information already available.  Your input into this improvement is critical
to its success.

Please, take some time and review the site:

This page provides an open, global platform for the entire community to
participate in the discussion of current initiatives, as well as an
opportunity to "jump in" and help in areas that are of particular interest
to them, and for whatever length of time they might have available.

The welcome page lists a couple of Global initiatives that have been
bouncing around committees or the board waiting for a resolution.  The links
to "vote" go to the foundation's survey monkey account.

Each area of focus is identified by it's own page.  On each page are links
to sign up for current projects (volunteer jobs) as well as a link to submit
a new opportunity within the organization.  These input values are
automatically placed into Salesforce.  The installed app in SF allows
complete oversight into various activities and is organized by "campaigns"
based on volunteer opportunities.

This set up also allows the assignment of a "point value" to the various
opportunities.  This would address the inability of the current structure to
appropriately recognize individual activities on a global scale.  We can
post "dashboards" or other visual stats to promote volunteerism.

The current committee meetings are not as productive as they could be. In
place of the current committee meetings, the ops team will be hosting two
monthly meetings via gotowebinar to review initiatives and provide an open
forum for anyone to participate.  We would like to host these on the 1st and
3rd Thursdays of the month at 9:00 AM EST (13:00 GMT/UTC) and 9:00 PM EST
(1:00 AM Friday GMT/UTC) respectively, with the goal of including as many
people from various time zones as possible.

The first meeting for November 1 would be at  9:00 AM EST (13:00 GMT/UTC)
and the second meeting on November 15th would be at  9:00 PM EST (1:00 AM
GMT/UTC, Friday Nov 16th).

Please review this proposed solution and provide your comments here:

This is a link to "reddit."  It was suggested we move to some type of forum
platform for discussions (the wiki discussion pages are tedious, I suppose).
You will notice the user is "OWASP."  You will need to create a reddit
account, but after that you can vote on the idea and provide comments.
Unless I am mistaken, this forum platform is available globally (unlike
Google which is censored in China).

Kate Hartmann
+1 301-275-9403
Skype:  kate.hartmann1

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