[OCC] Meeting Schedules and other gems from the board call today

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Wed May 16 15:47:32 UTC 2012


Can you set up a committee-chair meeting?


On Mon, May 14, 2012 at 11:00 PM, Kate Hartmann <kate.hartmann at owasp.org>wrote:

> Jim, for a year or so, the connections committee has been more than
> adequate. The blog is awesome, the podcasts are amazing, now you are
> watching linked in and then, there is the mysterious (my own ignorance
> here)
> twitter feed.   I'm challenging you to identify opportunities to take it to
> the next level.  There is a benefit to getting real-time feedback on some
> very important initiatives that impact what does or probably should fall
> within the Connections committee scope.  Also, since I've sat on quite a
> number of committee calls (all committees included here) I can't tell you
> how the energy of a well-run meeting can inspire participation.
> Just a few items on the docket that probably fall within the committee
> scope
> are:
> Marketing - we have agreed that we need it, this should be a committee
> driven initiative, otherwise, it's tasked to staff and lacks community
> input
> or participation
> Social Media - linkedin, twitter, blog, feed - I know these are managed by
> you, Jim, but considering we are looking at expanding our outreach, is
> there
> any statistics or other opportunities to connect OWASP with some other
> groups?
> Newsletter - as an individual tasked with this, I have not been very
> successful.  I would love to see the committee, by design, be the drivers
> for this
> Communication - is the same message being communicated across all channels?
> Yes, probably in line with the marketing initiative.
> I would suggest giving meetings a try for a few months and see what
> happens.
> Maybe it will be a fail and maybe great and wondrous things will arise!  At
> least we can say we tried - notice I put in the "we" cause I'm here to help
> set it all up.
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> Kate,
> Out committee does not really meet officially, we are basically a working
> group trying to keep various social media and other properties up to date.
> But we do have an email list and it's trivial for someone to contact us
> - or heck, participate.
> Connections committee, do we need more meetings?
> - Jim
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