[OCC] Meeting Schedules and other gems from the board call today

Kate Hartmann kate.hartmann at owasp.org
Mon May 14 21:00:39 UTC 2012

Jim, for a year or so, the connections committee has been more than
adequate. The blog is awesome, the podcasts are amazing, now you are
watching linked in and then, there is the mysterious (my own ignorance here)
twitter feed.   I'm challenging you to identify opportunities to take it to
the next level.  There is a benefit to getting real-time feedback on some
very important initiatives that impact what does or probably should fall
within the Connections committee scope.  Also, since I've sat on quite a
number of committee calls (all committees included here) I can't tell you
how the energy of a well-run meeting can inspire participation.  

Just a few items on the docket that probably fall within the committee scope

Marketing - we have agreed that we need it, this should be a committee
driven initiative, otherwise, it's tasked to staff and lacks community input
or participation
Social Media - linkedin, twitter, blog, feed - I know these are managed by
you, Jim, but considering we are looking at expanding our outreach, is there
any statistics or other opportunities to connect OWASP with some other
Newsletter - as an individual tasked with this, I have not been very
successful.  I would love to see the committee, by design, be the drivers
for this
Communication - is the same message being communicated across all channels?
Yes, probably in line with the marketing initiative.

I would suggest giving meetings a try for a few months and see what happens.
Maybe it will be a fail and maybe great and wondrous things will arise!  At
least we can say we tried - notice I put in the "we" cause I'm here to help
set it all up.

Kate Hartmann
Operations Director
Skype:  Kate.hartmann1

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Out committee does not really meet officially, we are basically a working
group trying to keep various social media and other properties up to date.

But we do have an email list and it's trivial for someone to contact us
- or heck, participate.

Connections committee, do we need more meetings?

- Jim

Jim Manico

Connections Committee Chair
Cheatsheet Series Product Manager
OWASP Podcast Producer/Host

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