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Subject: [Global_education_committee] Proposal of a new OWASP Supporter
Type - Government Supporter

New OWASP Supporter Type - Government Supporter

What’s the Issue: When an organization becomes an OWASP supporter, there is
usually an annual fee of $5,000. But if the organization is a university
then the fee is waved. There are currently more than 50 such academic
supporters worldwide. They play an important role in spreading the OWASP
message. Recently, a question has been raised. Should we extend the no-cost
benefit to government agencies? The Membership Committee thinks the answer
is yes. We proposed the requirements and benefits below for your review.

What’s Next?: Please send it your feedback by March 6, 2012. We will
summarize and submit to the board.

Bartered Requirements

   - Use and reference OWASP material in publications and software
   - Host or sponsor OWASP events. For example, provide meeting space for
   OWASP meetings.
   - Have government officials present at OWASP events
   - Invite OWASP subject matter experts to present at events
   - Collaborate with OWASP in the area of web application security


   - Raise awareness of government agencies worldwide
   - NO COST, Only Commitment to secure software education
   - Be recognized as a supporter by posting your Agency logo on the OWASP
   website (Image size for logos: gif, jpg or png with a size of 150px X 45px
   at 72dpi)
   - OWASP and the Agency can work together with local chapter and OWASP
   Foundation to host security seminars or provide introductory training
   sessions for agency workers on OWASP tools, documentation and security
   - Agency is allowed to designate one individual to cast a vote in OWASP
   elections and collaborate with the Global Membership (or Connections?)
   - Note: This is intended for the Agency as a whole to become involved
   with OWASP. This does not imply individual or organizational membership for
   the Agency worker. However, all Agency workers are encouraged to explore
   the benefits of becoming an individual member.

Helen Gao
Membership Committee
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