[OCC] Proposal of a new OWASP Supporter Type - Government Supporter

Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
Wed Feb 22 20:11:48 UTC 2012

This seems like a very reasonable and solid idea, Helen. Nice!

- Jim

> New OWASP Supporter Type - Government Supporter
> What's the Issue:When an organization becomes an OWASP supporter,
> there is usually an annual fee of $5,000. But if the organization is a
> university then the fee is waved. There are currently more than 50
> such academic supporters worldwide. They play an important role in
> spreading the OWASP message. Recently, a question has been raised.
> Should we extend the no-cost benefit to government agencies? The
> Membership Committee thinks the answer is yes. We proposed the
> requirements and benefits below for your review.
> What's Next?: Please send it your feedback by March 6, 2012. We will
> summarize and submit to the board.
> Bartered Requirements
>   * Use and reference OWASP material in publications and software
>     development
>   * Host or sponsor OWASP events. For example, provide meeting space
>     for OWASP meetings.
>   * Have government officials present at OWASP events
>   * Invite OWASP subject matter experts to present at events
>   * Collaborate with OWASP in the area of web application security
> Benefits:
>   * Raise awareness of government agencies worldwide
>   * NO COST, Only Commitment to secure software education
>   * Be recognized as a supporter by posting your Agency logo on the
>     OWASP website (Image size for logos: gif, jpg or png with a size
>     of 150px X 45px at 72dpi)
>   * OWASP and the Agency can work together with local chapter and
>     OWASP Foundation to host security seminars or provide introductory
>     training sessions for agency workers on OWASP tools, documentation
>     and security skills.
>   * Agency is allowed to designate one individual to cast a vote in
>     OWASP elections and collaborate with the Global Membership (or
>     Connections?) Committee
>   * Note: This is intended for the Agency as a whole to become
>     involved with OWASP. This does not imply individual or
>     organizational membership for the Agency worker. However, all
>     Agency workers are encouraged to explore the benefits of becoming
>     an individual member.
> Helen Gao
> Membership Committee
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