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Kelly, you have summarized that long conversation perfectly J  One thing
that’s missing is the cost of the ½ page plus 
.. option.  I think we had
talked about $3000 and were going to use this as a way to find out what sort
of “added value” our corporate members would appreciate.


I think that for now it would also be important to note that this is ONLY
being offered to our current corporate supporters and will opened to others,
maybe, after 1st run.  Also, it’s important to reassure them that regardless
of their decision to purchase or not to purchase this advertising
opportunity, they will be recognized in our newsletter as corporate


Taking the liberty of copying the Membership committee as well as
Connections as there is overlap. J


Kate Hartmann

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From: Kelly Santalucia [mailto:kelly.santalucia at owasp.org] 
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I just want to be clear as to what we spoke about this morning regarding the
adds for the newsletter.


I will reach out to all our Corporate Supports to see if they would be
interested in purchasing an add in our newsletter. In addition to their logo
which is already posted on the wiki.  The newsletter will be. mailed out to
all on the OWASP mailing list.  It will never expire and will be stored on a
PDF file accessible from the OWASP home page


The break down as previously discussed:

*	1/4 page add $2000
*	1/2 page add $2500
*	1/2 page add + either a 30 rotating banner on the OWASP site which
also pops up on all chapter pages or 10 copies of the Top 10 Books or any
other reasonable suggestion the corporation may have
*	full page add $5000
*	Year subscription (1 newsletter every quarter with the 1/2 page add
posted) $9000.


Dead Line: Oct 28, 2011


Articles: Any corporation that may have an article they would like posted in
the newsletter can send it to Kate and our team will review the article
before it is published.  


Please let me know if the above is correct.  I want to also present it to
the membership committee before any action is taken place.  I feel that we
should get their opinions, suggestions, etc before we move forward.




Kelly Santalucia

OWASP NY NJ Chapter Administrator

OWASP Global Membership

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Url: http://www.owasp.org/index.php/NYNJMetro


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